SBox Online Customer Interaction

SBOX outbound proactive marketing!

Agents can see viewers, know where they are from, what they are looking at and then select them LIVE at anytime to send them invitations or offers by text. Once the viewer accepts the agent can open audio & video for a live face-to-face conversation with the viewer.

Maximize Agent Productivity with Web-Based Interface

Agents require intuitive, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tools so they can consistently provide superior service. The SBOX Contact Center agent interface maximizes the use and performance of agent resources, enabling simplified multiple interaction handling. The interface uses simple symbols and images telling the agents what the client is doing in real time, moving agents seamlessly between handling inbound and outbound live chat and campaigns, replying to customer e-mails, and conducting Web chats. Agents are empowered with Web- based access to comprehensive customer interaction histories that include agent notes, call recordings, chat session transcripts, and e-mails sent to or from the contact center. The result is a more cost effective call center.


Sbox technology empowers Publishers to deliver Leads from every Ad on every Web Page.


SBOX Leads are Smart because its Real Time monitoring empowers organizations to communicate effectively with their online customers. SBOX lets Clients "see" and recognize web visitors and to initiate live chat contact at any time they want.