Refund Policy

The procedures set out here are for the cancellation of an order. You will be billed for any services that you have agreed to receive on a recurring basis until and unless the service(s) that we are providing to you is cancelled by you in writing.

Please note that certain services are not subject to refund unless a fault or error is reported to us in writing and not cured by us within 5 days of your written notification. Refunds are made only to the credit card provided by the user at the time that the account was set up.

If for any reason the i2SC services do not meet our stringent standards on availability and functionality you may request a refund equivalent to 5% of your monthly License fee each period of 30 minutes of continuous downtime. Our guarantee is limited to an amount that equals no more than 50% of your monthly License fee. In the alternative if no single period of downtime was 30 minutes or longer in duration you may request a refund that is equal to the percentage of actual downtime that took place in a particular month, multiplied by the amount of your Monthly License fee. Although you may select either remedy the refund options outlined herein are your only remedies for the failure of i2SC to maintain 99.95% availability., subject to the limitations herein during any given calendar month . Refunds will be issued in the form of a credit against your next invoice unless the month in question was previously selected by you in writing as your final month of service prior to the service outage. In such cases your refund will be issued via check or credit card at our sole option, within 60 days of your written request and upon verification by us of the service outage including the actual amount of downtime.


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