SBOX outbound proactive marketing!

SBOX outbound proactive marketing is a system where prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly by the means of free call requested by customers or a video chat invitation accepted by customers.

SBOX Real Time Monitoring and Campaign System (RMC)

BOX comes with its Exclusive SBOX Real Time Monitoring that is a simple to use Operating System for Operators, Agents and, Supervisors.

Using the SBOX Real Time Monitoring System which is easily accessed from any where is very simple.

The SBOX RMC is a powerful operating system that turns any website into the equivalent of a retail store or business office where viewers can have personal LIVE contact with advertisers anytime they or the advertiser, chooses. SBOX delivers measurable Campaigns with Complete Reports and Statistics that Clients can use to analyze campaigns as well as call center efficiency.

SBOX is designed to create leads based on direct response from viewers to each ad or offer, with real time monitoring of each video,TV Channel and web page, all of the leads that SBOX produces for its advertisers are highly qualified.


Sbox technology empowers Publishers to deliver Leads from every Ad on every Web Page.


SBOX Leads are Smart because its Real Time monitoring empowers organizations to communicate effectively with their online customers. SBOX lets Clients "see" and recognize web visitors and to initiate live chat contact at any time they want.