From Outbound to Inbound Or: from shooting with hail henceforth be A sharpshooter

SBOX is a highly scalable platform for any web content including videos, TV Channels and VOD (Video On Demand) and SBOX provides real time monitoring of all media (ads) viewers (every Ad on every page in every format).

SBOX creates all in one programmable Online 24/7 TV Channels that are easily scheduled with the SBOX built in TV Studio as well as Live broadcasting of event and satellite TV channels. SBOX is not just scaleable but was developed taking all accessibility requirements into account so that it can support billions of viewers on millions of websites SBOX is the ideal lead generation technology for Advertisers, Ad Agencies, Broadcast Companies, Publishers and any entity with a high traffic website.

Why SBOX and what is so special?

Sbox is the only lead generation technology that can generate leads directly from videos and TV programs as they play. Advertisers who use SBOX enjoy the highest revenues, because they generate leads on the actual place of the traditional "views and clicks". This means now your every advertising campaign measurable objectives can come with predictable ROI's.

So sbox is, using a simple business model for online advertisers who rely on the fact that they want to sell the most predictable, cost-effective and profitable way, because they have now "the way" to sell their products and services to generate better leads and higher sales conversion rate. SBOX !!


Sbox technology empowers Publishers to deliver Leads from every Ad on every Web Page.


SBOX Leads are Smart because its Real Time monitoring empowers organizations to communicate effectively with their online customers. SBOX lets Clients "see" and recognize web visitors and to initiate live chat contact at any time they want.