Name of the programme: I-Mu’allim E-Learning System Training for Kuliyyah’s/ Centres/ Personnels

We are glad to inform that IIUM is in the final stage of establishing I-Mu’allim E-Learning System, an educational portal that enables IIUM staff to reach out to the world especially the Muslim Ummah for various educational purposes.

As part of this process, relevant administrative personnels at Kuliyyah/Centre level need to be trained to familiarize themselves with the system.

Trainee from the WMS Media Sdn Bhd was the instructor during the training session.

PUTRAJAYA, 6 APRIL-- Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Y.B Dato' Seri Ahmad Shabery Bin Cheek hadir menyaksikan Majlis menandatangani Memorandum Persefahaman di antara pihak Xiddig cellular Communications Sdn Bhd, WMS Media Sdn Bhd dan IP Core Sdn Bhd, di sini, hari ini. Turut hadir, Timbalan ketua Setiausaha kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Datuk Che Azemi Haron dan Dato Mohid Mohamed.

Xiddig akan membangunkan platform komunikasi interaktif yang mesra pengguna bagi membolehkan penonton memilih kaedah untuk berkomunikasi secara dalam talian dengan penyedia kandungan melalui "click to call, email atau chat.


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