SBOX E-Training

In SBOX E-training Vision, online lesson means no distance between trainers and student - which is rightly often seen as a disadvantage of online education. The regular and personal contact between trainer and student is essential in our E-training methodology.
The trainer can monitors the progress and checks the homework, and speaks live with the students every week in an interactive lesson where extra explanation is given with the curriculum and practiced speaking

E-training methodology blended learning

E-training can take various forms. Wilfred Rubens3 mentions the following options:

  • A mix between online and face-to-face learning.
  • A mix between synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • A mix between self-directed and controlled learning.
  • A mix of these combinations.
SBOX E-training combines variants 1 and 2. Although the courses are completely online, the interactive lesson refers to face-to-face lessons. The student will receive a live lesson and an interactive training lesson at a fixed time of the week, together with the other students in his hair group, and can otherwise decide for himself when he will take on the extra learning material and do the exercises.

Our online systems are based on the latest technologies that are used worldwide for Blended training and for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course).

Course components

In order to get a good idea of what a student goes through within a training course, we here deal with the various course components within a regular online language course.

Live broadcast lessons

Based on this method, certified teachers give a classical, classroom lesson that is broadcast at a fixed time of the week. To successfully complete a lesson week, viewing and understanding the Live Lesson is necessary. After broadcast, a copy of the lesson is placed in the video library, allowing the student to view the broadcast again at any time.

Exercises & Exams

In the online learning environment, the student makes exercises and tests based on the study material offered in the Live Lesson & video lesson. There is a wide variety of exercises and exam forms available, from a simple single-answer-multiple-choice where the student immediately sees whether he has chosen the correct answer to fully open writing or speaking exercises that the teacher checks. The teacher monitors the student's progress based on the results of these exercises.

Webinar sessions

As a trainer, we are given the freedom to gather your students in the webinar space and to host live webinars efficiently and comfortably. You can add the Webinar session to your students' timeline and study guide for each course.

Study guide

With the help of a structured study guide, a student goes through the fixed course components described below on a weekly basis. The study guide tells the student exactly what to do each week and in which order.

Reports and statistics

Reports and statistics that make sense Simple and understandable analysis of everything that happens in your e-learning environment.

Video lessons

Add self-recorded individual videos to your. These videos can also be added to the video library and can always be viewed.

E-Book and Documents

You can add extra documents or e-books per course. You can also add this as a teacher and where desired to the student's study guide.


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